Perf4j integration for Seam Framework


The best way to get support is to use the mailing list. There could be more people able to help you. If you think your question can't be interesting for others you can also contact me by an email.

Discussion mailing list

The mailing list is designed for developers using Seam-Perf4j and Perf4j itselt in their applications. It's for discussion of technical datails, implementation issues, etc. The archive is available. In case of aversion for mailing lists there is also a discussion forum available.

Announcement mailing list

To stay up-to-date with development of Seam-Perf4j you can subscribe to low traffic announcement mailing list (archive is available).

Issue tracker

Before you report a bug, please check FAQ. You should also search the discussion mailing list's archive and already reported bugs to prevent duplications. If you're not sure is this bug or feature please ask on the discussion mailing list.

When you report a bug using issue tracker please attach information about Java, Perf4j and Seam-Perf4j versions, operation system and detailed problem description.