Perf4j integration for Seam Framework


Already available

Those things are already available and ready to use:


Things planned to implement in the nearest future:

After stabilization on both sides (Perf4j new AOP model and Seam-Perf4j itself):

If you have more ideas please share it with us using the mailing list.


Seam-Perf4j in current version does its job, but there are a few things to improve, so it is not possible to quarantine a backward compatibility of the future versions. Therefore it should be used in production environmental carefully.



Seam-Perf4j (as well as Seam Framework) is available under the terms of GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or (at your opinion) any later version. You can read whole license in a text format.


Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer and text below isn't legally state the distribution terms for that software, but hopefully it helps understand teams of LGPL.

Seam-Perf4j can be used with both open and proprietary software. However if you don't release a source code of your application, you are obligated to link dynamically (to allow user to easy change library version). In case of Java using JAR in your application fit that requirement.
If you modify Seam-Perf4j you are obligated to remain GNU Lesser General Public License.